SCBE 303 Evolution

(วททช 303 วิวัฒนาการ) 3 Credits (3/0/6)

Academic Year 2017-2018

Course syllabus


Academic Year 2016-2017

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Introduction to evolution; connection between evolution and ecology; biodiversity; top 10 news species by ESF at SUNY; top science news of 2016

Lecturer: Aj.Nuttaphon 10 January 2017

Genetics of Evolution

Population genetics and evolution; linkage disequilibrium; effects of mutation, selection, gene flow, drift on gene/allele frequencies; inbreeding and inbreeding depression

Lecturer: Aj.Nuttaphon 17 January 2017

Mechanisms of Evolution + Assignment

The origin of universe, organic molecules, genetic materials (RNA vs DNA), cellular respiration, photosynthesis, metabolism, cell, unicellular vs multicellular organisms, life on land

Lecturer Aj.Nuttaphon 24 January 2017


Natural selection could lead to adaptation in organisms. With experimentation, observation, and comparative methods, we can study the adaptation and its limitation.

Lecturer Aj.Nuttaphon 31 January 2017

Sexual Selection

Natural selection that selects reproductive success.

Lect. Nuttaphon 7 Feb. 2017

Kin Selection

Selection that increases kin fitness, but might cost self fitness

Lect. Nuttaphon 14 Feb. 2017

Group Assignment

Lect. Nuttaphon 21 Feb. 2017

Group Assignment Presentation

Lect. Nuttaphon 28 Feb. 2017

Midterm Examination

SIM 7 Mar. 2017

Phylogenetic Tree

Lect. Nuttaphon 14 Mar. 2017

Molecular Evolution

Lect. Nuttaphon 21 Mar. 2017

Species and Speciation

Lect. Nuttaphon 28 Mar. 2017


Lect. Nuttaphon 4 April 2017

Human Evoluion

(Origin of Us Documentary)

Lect. Nuttaphon 11 April 2017

Conservation and Evolution

Lect. Nuttaphon 18 April 2017

Infographic Preparation

Presentation of Infographic on Conservation and Evolution

Photo Album

2 May 2017
Final Examination 9 May 2017

Evaluation and References


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SCBE 303 (Academic Year 2016-2017)