SCBE 201 General Zoology

วททส วททช 201 สัตววิทยาทั่วไป

Credit 3 (3-0-6)

Time Laboratory: Monday – Friday 13.00-16.00
Place SC3 Building, Mahidol University, Salaya Campus

19JunIntroduction: Animal diversityPaiphan-
20JunPhylum ProtozoaPaiphanVDO First life
21JunPhyla Porifera and CnidariaPaiphan-
22JunPhylum PlatyhelminthesSupatra-
23JunPhyla Rotifera and NematodaSupatraVDO: Journey of life part 1-2
26JunPhyla Mollusca and AnnelidaPaiphan-
27JunPhylum Arthropoda 1Paiphan-
28JunPhylum Arthropoda 2Paiphan-
29JunPhyla Echinodermata, Hemichordata and ChordataPaiphanVDO Journey of life part 3-5
3JulMibdterm ExaminationPaiphan-
4JulPhylum Chordata: FishesYotsawan-
5JulPhylum Chordata: AmphibiansYotsawan-
6JulPhylum Chordata: ReptilesYotsawan-
7JulPhylum Chordata: BirdsPiyathip-
12JulPhylum Chordata: Mammals 1Piyathip-
13JulPhylum Chordata: Mammals 2Piyathip-
14JulFinal examinationPaiphan-


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